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LEED Experience

Major LEED Accomplishments

Gold Certification

1. First Certified Gold Project at Camp Pendleton: Force Intelligence Opeations Center. This was a design/build project.

2. Largest Gold Certification project in San Diego: Intuit Regional Headquarters. This was a design/build project.

Project Name/ Description

Architect/ Engineer

General Contractor

Contract Amount

Santa Fe Summit - Phase I, San Diego, CA

This 466,000 SF, four-building new construction project has been LEED Silver certified. ICS provided HVAC and Plumbing.

MA Engineers

Reno Contracting, Inc.


Force Intelligence Operations Center (FIOC), Camp Pendleton, CA

HVAC and Plumbing: Multi-building campus with CW/HW central plants including specialized vehicle exhaust and compressed air systems.

DSE, Kevin Dominick

Straub Construction, Inc.


Intuit Regional Headquarters, San Diego, CA

ICS was awarded this design/assist project even though we had little LEED experience. ICS jumped into this project with the mindset to provide extremely successful LEED project.

Architect: Hannah Gabriel

Mech. Engineer: MA Engineers

DPR Construction


Sorrento Gateway Lot 3, San Diego, CA

This project was a Kilroy Realty project and per their policy, it was a certified project.

Walsh Engineering

Pacific Building Group


Enlisted Dining Facility, Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, CA

This design/build dining facility project is very similar to the kitchen/eatery at the Inuit project.

Stueven Engineering

Harper Construction, Inc.


Bachelor Enlisted Quarters, Yuma, AZ

150 living units with common areas.

Stueven Engineers

Harper Construction, Inc.


Qual Gardens Office Building, San Diego

This 38,000 SF design/build project is currently awaiting LEED Silver certification.

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