Safety without compromise

At ICS, we consider the safety of our workforce to be of the utmost importance.

We work closely with our general contractors and all on-site team members to ensure a safe working environment for all.

We strictly abide by the guidelines of our own "Code of Safe Practices" and IIP Program.

We continually keep safety at the forefront of our company culture by conducting:

• Weekly Jobsite Tailgate Meetings

• Weekly Jobsite Safety Checklists

• Monthly Company-Wide Safety Meetings

• Monthly Safety Committee Meetings

• Post-accident Investigations

Our last lost time accident was 9/30/10.


People and Innovation are two of ICS core values. We believe that training is a vital component in both of these values. 

Our Training Committee boasts a collective experience of over 100 years of mechanical construction experience. It is with this time tested expertise that we are able to identify the specific training requirements to complete successful projects.

By continually providing training to our employees, we are equipping all ICS employees and teams with the ability to:

• Gain increased knowledge to further their expertise in their chosen field, thus creating workforce that is “a notch above the rest.” 

• ICS is able to lead the industry in innovative design and installations. This is accomplished by adopting a policy of standardized installations, training ALL ICS installation crews on those standards and placing those same standards on all project installations. (top of page)

In addition to utilizing the ABC Apprenticeship Program, ICS employees are also eligible (and encouraged) to participate in the ABC training program for Journeyman.  This program is outlined below:


In order to ensure that journeymen employed by ABC contractors continue to increase their skill level, keep up with the latest techniques and safety training, and advance in the industry, the ABC Apprenticeship Training Trust has established a journeyman training program. Journeymen who meet the eligibility criteria can receive free training.

1. ELIGIBILITY & BENEFITS: Eligible journeymen will be entitled to take up to $2,000.00 of upgrade classes in the appropriate calendar year as outlined below.

a. An "eligible" journeyman is one whose employer, in accordance with the Contribution Agreement, has contributed $1.00 per hour in training fees on that employee’s behalf for a minimum of $200 during the calendar year.

b. Eligibility will be determined by the hours reported on the most current Polycomp contribution report available when registering for the class.

c. Journeymen may take up to $2,000.00 in classes during the calendar year in which they earned eligibility with the exception of Item D below.

d. Journeymen who earn eligibility in the last quarter of the calendar year and do not take any classes during that quarter may carry over their eligibility to the first quarter of the following year. They will be eligible for reimbursement for classes offered January - March; however, total reimbursement will not exceed $2,000.00 in any calendar year.

e. Journeymen must be currently employed by an ABC participating employer in order to use the training benefit.

f. Journeymen must attend and successfully complete the course to qualify for reimbursement.

g. Training benefits will terminate if not used during the eligibility period. See Item 1d.

2. TUITION REIMBURSEMENT: In order to ensure attendance and viability of the class, registrants will be required to pay full up-front tuition to the Chapter who administers the Journeyman Training Program. Upon verification/documentation of the successful completion of "eligible" journeymen who attended each class, the Trust will reimburse the tuition at 100%, subject to the limitations noted above.

a. Trust will handle reimbursement through the company contact.

b. Reimbursement will be made to the employer with strict instructions that the journeyman must be reimbursed by the company for out-of-pocket tuition costs, if applicable. (top of page)

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